Amazon and ebay the new face of web services case study

The data was not structured and hence an application talking to it was really difficult.

Amazon and ebay the new face of web services case study

How can two people drive that kind of sales volume? We caught up with the Tjernlund brothers again in How did you get started selling online?

He started when I was 12 and introduced me to the whole world of ecommerce, importing and private labeling. But back in like when my brother started, it actually was very rare. He was a full-time student at college at the time. I started buying books and selling them to make some pocket money When I started college I was selling to sell, I would sell things left and right — textbooks, anything really.

When I got later into college I started importing and private labelling. So I started buying books and selling them to make some pocket money. I could find people to buy books from, and resell them, but I wanted a scalable business that could also be automated.

As I got into college I started selling more and more, until I graduated and teamed up with my brother. What were you studying at college, was it a business course? Mostly I learned business jargon and how to write a really formal business letter. What was your first experiment in importing and private labelling?

My first private label products were marijuana vaporizers My first private label product was actually in a gray area — I was selling marijuana vaporisers.

I made a bunch of money out of them, but since it was in a murky area I decided to move forward and do different items. What was your strategy back then?

Was it to develop a niche or just sell whatever product was profitable? The vaporizers were fairly small and I could ship them very easily. That made my life very, very easy.

“Openness” – A new face of the web

I can use the suppliers I already have and just go after other interesting products that they make. What was the next step after the vaporizers?

I got in a weird situation time-wise, where I was two months out from graduating and also working with my brother full-time. I was looking for a new product, but before I got a chance to order a sample and go through the whole process, I was already working full-time with my brother.

My last semester only had one class, and my university was a two-hour drive away from where I live. So I just drove up once a week, went to class, drove back and did that for three months until I graduated.

A bunch of my friends had already graduated, and I was all ready to move on with my life. My brother already had the business going, but it was very small scale and he was waiting for another person to help take it to the next level because he could only do so much on his own.

It was in a particular niche. My family owns a ventilation and cooling manufacturing company, and my brother and I grew up with that stuff around the house all the time.

So we started selling cooling and ventilation equipment first, because that was the easiest for us to vet the suppliers. We could contact the Chinese suppliers and get down to business quickly because we knew exactly what we were looking for.

So were you adding a new sales channel to the family business, or doing your own thing but using the product knowledge?

My family manufacture for wholesale and do all B2B while we do B2C. So I joined the business around the end of And in we did around six million dollars in sales.

How did you grow so quickly? You can grow as fast as you want as long as you have cash. That first year was all about growing our cash reserves. We reinvested all of it and added a bunch of SKUs.Amazon Web Services is achieving the size where it may should be added to that rundown.

A blackout on the organization's eastcoast datacentre, for example, caused association issues for Netflix and Tinder for a considerable length of time, and also Amazon's very own few administrations.

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Amazon and ebay the new face of web services case study

- Amazon and Ebay: The New Face of Web Services CASE STUDY QUESTIONS 1. What are the purpose and business value of Web services. The principal purpose of Web service is create the exchange of data between business (for example e-commerce or e-business) in real time via Internet, and this way a business might share with its costumers, suppliers.

This case study will clarify Ericsson benefited from Amazon Web Services in term of cost reduction, automated software updates, remote access, and on-demand availability. It will evaluate the scalability, dependability, manageability, and adaptability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), and RightScale.

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