Essay against ethical egoism

Ethical Egoism and Self-Interest Essay Ethical Egoism and Self-Interest Essay Excessive regard for oneself and deficient regard for others can lead to criminal behavior, from spousal abuse to serial murder.

Essay against ethical egoism

Before they were done, they had killed 12 fellow students, one teacher, and themselves Lin. Understandably, most people rushed out in terror, but some put their lives in jeopardy to save others.

One teacher, named Dave Sanders, helped students and teachers to safety, and he was shot more than once for his efforts. According to an ethical egoist, Sanders was morally wrong, because he failed to maximize is own well being. However, most people will agree that his sacrifice saved many and he is a hero because of it.

This example is just one way to show how ethical egoism is not the best possible moral philosophy to follow.

Essay against ethical egoism

One argument against ethical egoism is that the theory does not provide a way to solve conflicts of interest. For example, if Harris and Klebold's interest to kill opposes another's interst to live, then ethical egoism--by telling everyone to maximally pursue his or her own interest--does not identify some solution that people should morally agree to.

It just tells each person to do his or her best themselves, and whatever happens, happens. And yet many people thing that a moral theory ought to resolve these conflicts in some principled way. The thought here is not that a moral theory will provide a solution to conflicts that makes everyone happy, because any resolution will ultimately lead to compromise and sacrifice, The thought is just that a good moral theory will have some better way to resolve conflict than resorting to fighting.

A second argument against ethical egoism is related to the first, in that it does not offer a compromise to the conflicts that arise in people's interest. The difference in complaint from the first is that the ethical egoism seems to have self-contradictory implications.

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The claim that tells a person to maximize his or her own intersts also seems to tell others not to stand in that person's way, yet this conflicts with the theory tell these others to advance their interests which are supposed to be in conflict In appears to be advising conflicting courses of action.

A third argument against ethical egoism is that it is unacceptably arbitrary, because it requires a person to privilege himself or herself over everyone else.

Since there really is no moral difference between oneselfSome disagree with it, namely ethical egoists; according to ethical egoism, “one has a moral obligation to only serve and promote one’s own interests” (FE p. ). The first argument I would like to bring to light is the argument from altruism.

Ethical egoism is the normative theory that the promotion of one's own good is in accordance with morality. In the strong version, it is held that it is always moral to promote one's own good, and it is never moral not to promote it. Related Essays: Ethical Egoism and Psychological Term Paper .

Ethical Egoism and Psychological Egoism ETHICAL EGOISM & PSYCHOLOGICAL EGOISM The objective of this work is to identify and describe the theories of 'Ethical Egoism' and 'Psychological Egoism'.

ETHICS INTERNET Egoism Reading Assignment: MacKinnon, Chapter 3 Thomas Hobbes, Self Love, pg.

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45 Plato, Conclusion to the Ring of Gyges Objectives: Explain the difference between psychological and ethical egoism; Discuss the consistency and/or inconsistency of ethical egoism. This brings us to the discussion of the difference between psychological egoism and ethical egoism and my position upon ethical egoism.

I will begin by defining both psychological and ethical egoism.

Essay against ethical egoism

I will then state the counterexamples/arguments against it, and finally critically assess my position on ethical. Kelcey PHIL Brant September 23, An Argument against Egoism I shall argue that the ideas of both psychological and ethical egoism are fundamentally flawed and should not be practiced.

Ethical Egoism Essay