Impact on development new england and

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Impact on development new england and

Once there, they sought to fabricate a Holy Commonwealth in the New England region. Puritanism remained one of the dominant cultural powers in that region until well into the 19th century.

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The morals and ideals held by Puritans between and influenced the social development of the colonies by putting into practice a series of rules, which our own founding fathers would use to create the political structure of the New England colonies.

The Puritans also influenced the economic well-being of the colonies by setting a precedent of self-reliance as far as farming goesand reducing the dependence on international trade. Who were the Puritans? The Puritans were reformed Protestants who sought to "purify" the Church of England, believing that it had only been partially reformed of its Catholic influence during the Reformation of 16th-century England.

What did the Puritans believe?

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Puritans were Calvinists and believed they had a unique covenant, or agreement, with God. Attendance at church was mandatory in order to be full-fledged members of the church, as was evidence of a conversion experience, and proof of being part of the "predestined elect" who were chosen by God to be guaranteed admission to Heaven.

Predestination was an important aspect of Puritan faith—the idea that God predetermines who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell. How did Puritans practice their religion? Sermons were an important part of religious worship for Puritans.

They rejected common Catholic practices such as the use of choral music, baptismal regeneration, and the notion of Christ's physical presence in the food provided at the Last Supper.

How and when did the Puritans come to New England? Many Puritans arrived during the Great Migration, a time period between in which Puritans sought religious freedom in America.

Social Structure

English Puritans settled in 17th-century America in the following early New England colonies: The colony operated as a theocracy and its members were expected to live by and carry out the Puritan mission. Social Structure The social structure of the New England colonies under the Puritans was one of brotherhood, togetherness, community, and even liberality.

As stated in the Enlarged Salem Covenant of This passion for freedom and justice can be seen in two of our most prominent Founding Fathers, John Adams and Samuel Adams. Family Structure New England family structure was strongly rooted in the Puritan lifestyle.

Family members played traditional roles—the women cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children, while the men hunted and procured supplies.

New England Colonies

One particular value held by the Puritans that can still be seen today is their sense of religious freedom. Predestination Another strong belief of the Puritans was the fierce sense that everyone was predestined to do something for God.

Impact on development new england and

Unfortunately for the surrounding Native Americans and all other non-Puritan groups the Quakers, for examplethe Puritans had no qualms with killing in the name of God. The thought of leading an idle life a life full of wasted hours, or hours spent on leisure haunted many Puritans.

As Robert Keayne said in his last will and testament: Social Contracts and Way of Life A social contract is the belief that the state only exists to serve the will of the people, and that they are the source of all political power expressed by the state.

The origin of this term can be traced back to 17th-century philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes wrote Leviathan in response to the English Civil War, and from it stemmed many of the ideas upon which the Puritans based their social structure and even their political beliefs.The Impact of the New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics on the Development of Colonial Society Words | 5 Pages.

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individual or a group comes along and shapes a society. The New England colonies tried to help the Native Americans and also, known as the North-Eastern, included Massachusetts Colony, Rhode Island Colony, Connecticut Colony, and New Hampshire Colony.

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