Interprofessional education essays

Despite this long-standing focus on collaboration and the need for faculty to be highly productive in their teaching, service, and research roles, the literature remains sparse regarding the potential benefits and challenges of interprofessional collaborative efforts associated with each role. In this article, the authors review the literature by exploring terms associated with interprofessional collaboration, describing the collaboration imperative within healthcare, and presenting collaborative efforts within the academic setting. They also discuss interprofessional collaboration within faculty teaching, service, and research roles, sharing examples of their own collaborative experiences and some of the benefits and challenges of collaboration in each of these roles. The collaborating experiences they share illustrate how faculty, regardless of setting or nation, can themselves be successful both in collaborating activities and in integrating the three roles of teaching, service, and research, for the benefit of students, community, and professional practice.

Interprofessional education essays

In the case detailed below the health care team failed to communicate and collaborate care of patient A, ultimately leading to a negative outcome. Due to her high risk pregnancy and history of non compliance with medical therapy she had been coming in since 28 weeks gestation for twice weekly non stress tests.

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One Saturday as patient A was at the hospital for her non stress test she was found to have elevated blood pressure and proteinuria. A, an OB, who was on call for the weekend decided to send the patient home on bed rest and to follow up with her primary OB physician, Dr.

Interprofessional education essays

Primary OB is not Interprofessional education essays call this particular Monday and asked Dr. C to induce her patient. C was not happy about inducing her because of her high risk status but agreed to do so. The nurses who were without a manager at the time were unable to control the altercation between Dr.

Patient A who overheard the discussion eventually asked to be transfer to another hospital to seek care elsewhere.

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This paper highlights the importance of effective interprofessional collaboration that is missing in this case. As well, potential plans of action and potential outcomes are discussed. Interprofessional collaboration was necessary in this situation.

No one discipline has all of the knowledge needed to provided complete patient-centered care.

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True interdisciplinary patient-centered care includes a partnership between health care professionals as well as the patient. This collaborative and coordinated approach improves patient outcomes and quality of care.

In addition to the obstetrician, members of the interprofessional team should include the pediatrician, a nurse leader, and the patient. Legare et al describes a stepwise approach to interprofessional collaboration and the shared decision-making process.

The members of the interprofessional team must start by exchanging information and options available related to the care of the patient. Next, the values of both the patient and the healthcare providers should be clarified and addressed. The feasibility of each option should be weighed.

Often, certain options are not feasible based on resources or time. In this case, the skills and comfort of the healthcare team members needed to be considered.

Interprofessional education essays

Once a decision is made, the information needs to be disseminated, including the plan of care and rationales for the decision made. These SOPs should address staff competency, scope of practice, role clarification, and the resources and limitations of the facility.

The interprofessional team should develop these SOPs together to ensure they reflect the values of the involved disciplines.


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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Inter-professional education allows students studying to be health professionals to work as part of team on a piece of work and to learn about different.

Interprofessional education (also known as inter-professional education or “IPE”) refers to occasions when students from two or more professions in health and social care learn together during all or part of their professional training with the object of cultivating collaborative practice.

Introduction Interprofessional working is one of the key processes in which care is currently managed within the National Health Service (NHS) (Atwal and Caldwell ).

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Therefore, it’s important to understand how this process is carried from education through to current UK health and social services and what key strategies are being used to .

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