Major constraints to inclusive growth

GEO first published these two essays on the hurdles faced by coopeative and solidarity economy enterprises in

Major constraints to inclusive growth

As such, the government has placed strong emphasis on infrastructure development in its development agenda. Considerable funding for the energy sector is starting to show results, but further improvement will increasingly rely on improving capacity in the sector Energy production and access in Liberia is among the lowest in the world, while electricity tariffs are among the highest, hindering value addition and growth in the manufacturing sector.

This situation could improve substantially in the coming years. Generation capacity has been only 23 megawatts MW for several years. Additionally, in Decemberthe government commissioned the first of four turbines for the Mount Coffee hydropower plant, adding 22MW.

constraints on and opportunities for enhancing inclusive job-rich growth” (International Labour Organization 1). One of its core features is that it seeks to be comprehensive through its attempt to understand various links and relationship across the economy bearing on . GREAT insights Magazine Challenges and perspectives for supporting sustainable and inclusive food systems. September Fresco, L.O., Ruben, R., Herens, M. Challenges and perspectives for supporting sustainable and inclusive food systems. Nov 19,  · The current constraints women face, from the private sphere of the household to the public sphere of politics, are a major detriment to the continent’s economic development and inclusive growth process, and women’s empowerment in this sense goes far beyond income generation.

By Augustall four turbines will be operational, adding up to 88MW of electricity during the rainy season. This is expected to increase the installed capacity more than six-fold in less than three years and will make a significant step towards returning Liberia to its pre-war installed capacity of around MW.

Overall electrification—including from private generator, solar power, or Liberia Electricity Corporation LEC connection—was Yet with significant donor support, LEC has been gradually expanding the electricity grid.

Connections in and around Monrovia have increased from 13, in to 48, in Februaryand funding is available for more thanadditional connections in the coming years. Electricity tariffs have been among the highest in the world at US 52 cents per kWh kilowatt hour.

This compares to 29 cents in Sierra Leone, or 16 cents in Cameroon.

Major constraints to inclusive growth

Tariffs were reduced to 39 US cents in March as production costs have dropped with lower cost hydro-power and HFO generation coming on stream. Further tariff reductions will be carefully weighed against the need to improve financial and technical performance of LEC.

The LEC is gradually working to address high technical and commercial losses, as well as a significant share of non-vending connections, which have increased as access has expanded.

To ensure sustainability and continued expansion in the energy sector, longer term measures will be necessary to improve the weak institutional and human capacity that impede planning, operations, and regulation, from generation to distribution.

Signing a new management services contract for the LEC in would be a major milestone in this regard. Improved road access is necessary to improve access to markets, increase agricultural production and value addition, and reduce exclusion.

Progress has been made on some key economic corridors in recent years. Various roads in and around Monrovia have been paved or works are underway. Additionally, maintenance is being performed on the paved road from Monrovia to the Sierra Leone border.

The Fish Town to Harper road in the southeast is being paved. Despite this progress in upgrading key transportation corridors, significant gaps remain to create a paved road network. In doing so, it should consider efforts to support commercial and agricultural development, public service delivery, and improved welfare in rural areas.

Moreover, as the road network expands, increasing allocations to maintenance will increase in importance. As part of these efforts, the government approved a Road Fund Act in Revenues from a fuel levy will finance the fund. However, the fund is not yet operationalized. The Liberian government should establish clear funding priorities and address institutional constraints to maintain and expand infrastructure in the medium term Infrastructure constraints, although improving, still present a bottleneck to growth.

With financing sources and borrowing capacity likely to tighten, careful planning and institutional improvements will be needed to make the best use of future funds. Continuing expansion and sustainability in the energy sector will increasingly call for a strong focus on institutional and capacity improvements.

Establishing medium and long-term priorities for generation and network expansion is also critical. In the roads sector, the government should carefully prioritize future road financing in light of economic returns and employment generation.

Additionally, operationalizing the Road Fund to set aside and manage funding for maintenance and rehabilitation will be key to maintaining investments.What Are the Constraints to Inclusive Growth in Zambia?

Elena Ianchovichina and Susanna Lundström PREM week April 22, Is education a major constraint for the poor Micro firms face even steeper constraints. Nov 24,  · About % of firms own or share a generator and it supplies, on average, 34% of electricity required by firms.

The electrical outages cost firms, on average, 17% of annual sales. The adequate supply of electricity will be a major stimulant to economic activities and will potentially be a significant factor that helps push GDP growth beyond 5%.

Despite positive, relatively broad-based and stable growth record in recent years and immense untapped potential in agriculture, mining and services, Zambia's poverty rates . Inclusive constraints bring potential consolidation candidates into the consolidation scope based on target properties.

Exclusive constraints exclude servers from the consolidation scope based on target properties due to business or compliance reasons. The growth of the market is credited to the compact design and multiple features offered by these systems. Multifunction printers are mainly used for domestic and commercial applications due to their compact size, ease-of-use, reliability, and versatility.

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Insurance and Inclusive Growth. Rodney Lester. The World Bank highlight certain constraints to the efficient utilization of the insurance function. The literature dealing with insurance markets and the causative links from insurance sector development to inclusive economic growth.


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