Malaysia airlines human resource

Economic history of Malaysia As one of three countries that control the Strait of Malaccainternational trade plays a very significant role in Malaysia's economy.

Malaysia airlines human resource

How is it possible that SIA is so successful in achieving competitive advantages above the competition over three decades? Through crew resource development, and extensive investments in training staff, SIA has expanded its different origins to be in the service of 36 cities in 27 countries.

Today, SIA still focus on the area of the commitment of staff, and the disciplined long term focus, which is the investment on training. The five aspects along with the leadership and role modeling of top management, play a crucial role in the ability to constantly achieve cost-effective service excellence through a cost effective manner.

Furthermore, we will explore successful communication and motivation in the company, which have been offered through rewards and recognition, and how crew resource development and successful communication Malaysia airlines human resource SIA has improved and supported SIA to build and sustain its competencies consistently above the competition over three decades.

Malaysia airlines human resource

To achieve this strategy, the company has chosen most particular quality control systems and processes for employee selection and training, and also particular training and service policy p.

Everyone is bonded, and stressing the bond working relationship between top management and staff. As a result, the company is quick-witted and flexible, which enables fast decisions and speedy practice of measures, which in turn, solve the issue at the beginning The Annual Report, The five elements are 1 stringent selection and 2 hiring of people, 3 extensive training and retraining, 4 formation of successful service delivery teams, 5 empowerment of the front line, and staff motivation.

Human resource strategy begins with hiring right people, where we implement a highly accurate and strict selection process. It includes meeting a multitude of criteria, interview, etc. However, everyone, including senior managers has training and development plans.

These programs constantly enhance the alignment of individual with corporate values by the communication and shared value of experiences p. The training intends to ensure that the cabin crew offers excellent service.

In order to assist retrenched staff, the company holds training programs and workshops that included courses on managing emotions, financial planning and career guidance.

Basically, the company has divided the training into two types, which are functional training and general management training, it involves not only safety and functional issues, but also beauty care, gourmet food and wine appreciation, and art of conversation Chan, a, b 5. Overall, there are seven training schools, which are responsible to offer training in each of the core functional areas.

The general management training is delivered by the Management Development Centre MDCwhich is target with softer skills, its programs are divided into three fields: Leadership as well as the relationship management with employees is the main forces that drive the success of our training and retraining programs.

Our managers usually think themselves as counselor and coaches to direct the new employees. The feature of young and energetic team has enabled to react fast and determinedly in decision-making, in turn, quick decisions can be made, as well as action taken Singh, 8.

Team concept is the approach to improve teamwork among the diversity of group of cabin crew staff. In addition to training, the company also promotes and facilitates activities. Information can be collected from a random sample, benchmarking survey, and so on.

They track and analyze all the feedback from customers we received. To maintain the reputation for service excellence, and to assist the front-line staff to conquer the high expectations and demands from customers, The company encourages the staff to try to sort things out, to do as much as they can for the customer and help them deal with the emotional turmoil of having to handle their customers well.

Communication and Motivation Motivating staff through rewards and recognition To ensure that staff will deliver service excellence, we created reward systems which are the major contributor to motivation and reorganization.

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For instance, SIA provides a variety of kinds of rewards, involving interesting and varied job content, etc. Its main corporate values are the pursuit of excellence service orientation and product knowledgesafety, security, and teamwork work relationship and people management Heracleous et al.

The company has an evaluation system to make sure that the core values are associated with performance. The story of Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Girl. Lessons from Singapore airlines.

Managing human resources for service excellence and cost effectiveness at Singapore Airlines. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. Successful strategies-the story of Singapore airlines SIA. Want to know more? Further reading Chan, D. Air wars in Asia: Competitive and collaborative strategies. Republic of Singapore Air Force.

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Management of International Strategic Business Cooperation: What it takes to sustain service excellence — A senior management perspective. Critical success factors for Inflight Catering services: Delivering Value, Retaining Profits.a resource of Chinese embassy and consulate and also China visa information for all countries.

Scoot™ is the low-cost, medium-to-long haul arm of the Singapore Airlines Group. Scoot took to the skies in June and merged with Tigerair Singapore in July , retaining the Scoot brand and positioning it well for a new chapter of growth.

HRM of Singapore Airlines Human resource management (HRM), is the process of attracting people, developing people and keeping the right people to form a quality work force (Williams McWilliams /, p). This process involves recruitment, selection, training and remuneration. HRM is important in a company.

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