Oregon wines

My Trip Related Gregory Westgaard These days it can be a struggle to finagle so much as a free pack of peanuts from an airline, which makes it all the more incredible that Oregon wines fly free on outbound Alaska Airlines flights. Members of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members can check a case of wine six or 12 bottles at no cost on any flight departing from Portland and other Northwest cities.

Oregon wines

Named after a state, Planet Oregon is really more a state of mind. We want what we do in this world and on this planet to matter.

We want our actions to be healthy and not harmful, for ourselves, other people, other creatures, and, of course, the planet.

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We want our work to be delicious, fun loving, regenerative, worth doing, worth sharing, worth sustaining. Planet Oregon is crafted to reach a broader audience and embodies the conscious choice we all have to endorse and support truly sustainable practices. Origins and Essence Established inPlanet Oregon was founded with a goal to make delicious, environmentally responsible wine at an accessible price.

In short, a wine you can enjoy on a Tuesday and feel great about. They continually seek to produce and bottle Oregon wines young Pinot Noir that is consistently fresh, silky and suggestive of Oregon summer cherries and berries.

Pinot of this quality will never be cheap but the value should be as obvious as the exuberant aromas and flavors.

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Fundamental Sustainability For Planet Oregon wines we insist on sourcing from certified sustainable vineyards and bottle in a certified sustainable winery so that our promise to be responsible and mindful stewards of the land goes beyond words and into practice.

For Planet Oregon we work exclusively with growers that are one or all: What they all share is their subscription to a set of principles; minimizing synthetic off-farm inputs, following natural systems and methods instead of chemical and being responsible for the broader impact of their activities.

Planet Oregon wines are bottled in a certified sustainable winery; one of just 14 wineries in Oregon, and very few in the world, that can also claim to have rigorously documented, reduced, mitigated and offset all carbon accounted for in their onsite production methods.

This is all done in accordance with the international standards and the data is posted to The Climate Registry as part of our ongoing commitment.

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We believe the time has come for Oregon winegrowing to become a beacon of best practices. Protecting Oregon's environment is a Planet Oregon priority.

Planet Oregon truly is a wine that will satiate your need for flavor while also satisfying your conscience. Mineral Springs Vineyard consists of 40 acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay situated along the ridgeline of the property. The combination of respectful farming, ancient marine soils, and temperate climate, result in wines that are layered, nuanced, and captivating while expressing their singular origin of place.Oregon Wine.

Oregon wines

Oregon has not been a major player for wine in America for an extremely long time, but when it was started in the ’s, it developed a style and portfolio of wine that are all its own. Oregon Wine Distributor Climate and soil make Oregon wine arguably, the best Pinot Noir in the United States, although Californians definitely disagree with this view.

Oregon wines

Umpqua Valley Oregon Wine guide to wineries, wine cellars, vineyards and wine tasting rooms. All wines come from someplace, but the best wines can only come from an extraordinary place.

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Oregon is a world-class wine region with more than wineries and more than 1, vineyards growing 72 grape varieties. Qty Item Description Price Total: Subtotal: $ View Cart. Your Account.

Use this alphabetical listing of Oregon wineries to find those Oregon wine producers and wines you enjoy, and to plan which Oregon wineries you will visit on your self-designed wine tour.

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