Predators and editors editing services

Are they a professional editor or predator? When you have written an article, a book, or any other type of writing that will potentially be read by a broad audience, you want to make sure that not only are your ideas captivating but that you have used correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Predators and editors editing services

Our developmental edit was designed for you! Can you help me publish my book? We work closely with authors and make sure your publishing experience is seamless, while you retain full rights and creative control over your book.

My agent just sold it to Pyr, the Prometheus sci-fi imprint. I really appreciate your comments and kind words. Editing for Authors and Dragon Tree Books were exceptionally strong in this area. They offered continuous support throughout the creative process, and were a pleasure to work with.

Professional Editor or Predator FirstEditing™

I have found that Editing for Authors adds the greatest value. The end result of their upgraded three-step process is a writer who now has in his possession a camera-ready perfect final product available to be sold to anxious and waiting readers.

He can review a manuscript from start to finish and edit every line for everything from grammar, spelling, and style to drama, pacing, and characterization.

predators and editors editing services

With a good feel for content, reader, writer and market, he steered this author through the reefs and shoals of publishing calmly and skillfully. The one-on-one mentoring and development advice that I received while working with you was instrumental in taking my book to the next level.

My experience was truly fabulous! Then there are editors that help you grow as an author. Erica Orloff at Editing for Authors pitches her tent in both camps.LUCIA ORTH is the author of the debut novel, Baby Jesus Pawn Shop, which received critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly, NPR, Booklist, Library Journal and Small Press Reviews.I have edited a number of essays and articles for Orth.

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Safety with Professional Editors

Feb 23,  · I actually used the Predators & Editors Ninian suggest above to hire one of my previous editors. She was extremely nice, timely and helped my overall storyline without question.

The CS editor, however, did catch things she missed. Many people do not understand the difference between editing and proofreading. This article aims to provide you with a quick and simple overview of the two processes and what they involve.

If you know you need help perfecting your written documents but are not sure whether you need editing or proofreading services, then this handy [ ]. Summary: Many online freelancing services have sparse codes of practice, making them predators, which can cost writers extra money, time, and cause them grief. provides a free editing sample so that the quality of service is evident from the onset. Book Editing Services – Professional book editors. Pirating site to watch for Predators & Editors – Information for Artists, Composers, Game Designers, Poets, and Writers of all persuasions.

Jan 11,  · The nature photo editing service also includes converting black and white photography into color or color photography into black and white. It is often used for wildlife photography. The photographers prefer black and white photography to stress on harsh rights of predators/5(13).

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