Reaction paper about church

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Reaction paper about church

Was Billy Graham Right or Wrong? It has been said that Dr. Graham has preached to more people than any other man in history. His influence is significant: As a stone cast into a pool produces concentric waves which ripple their way to the banks, so often the thoughts of one man influence a whole generation.

It is no exaggeration to say that no man has more influence with evangelicals today than Billy Graham. He is immensely popular. As he has proclaimed the Bible message of salvation, we cannot deny that many have come to a saving knowledge of Christ, and for this we thank the Lord. I can remember as a new believer being greatly encouraged listening to Billy Graham preach on a televised crusade.

At that time my heart was warmed by his preaching and blessed by his ministry. I take no delight, therefore, in being critical of the ministry of Dr.

From time to time people have questions about Billy Graham and they have difficulty understanding why we do not attend his crusades and why we do not commend and support his type of evangelistic efforts. Unsaved people in general see Billy Graham as the representative of Bible-believing Christianity.

The evangelical world has esteemed him as its hero and champion. What he says and does, therefore, demands examination. This is a delicate and difficult subject. May the Lord help us as we proceed. As a boy he had contact with the noted evangelist Billy Sunday.

He attended Wheaton College where he majored in anthropology. He spent a short time in the Pastorate. He was one of the leading evangelists in the Youth For Christ organization back in the days when that organization was fundamental. In he became President of Northwestern Schools, but he soon left that school in order to give himself fully to evangelistic work.

Should the evangelist cooperate in evangelistic efforts with modernists those who deny the fundamentals of the faith? Should evangelistic crusades be sponsored by liberals, modernists and unbelievers? Should evangelicals call upon liberal churchmen to lead in prayer, head up committees and take part in counseling those making decisions?

Should the evangelist befriend, encourage, assist and cooperate with religious leaders who are not sound in the faith and who deny the Christ of the Bible?

Should we work together with those who disbelieve the Bible, mock the miracles of the Bible such as the virgin birth and the resurrection, deny the deity of Christ, and who count as foolishness His substitutionary death on the cross?

How would Billy Graham have answered these questions originally? Riley, a great defender of the faith and an ardent fundamentalist, the founder and president of Northwestern Schools. Billy Graham was personally chosen by Riley to be his successor to the presidency of Northwestern Schools.

When Riley died, it was Graham who preached the funeral service. These examples give strong evidence that Graham was originally part of the fundamentalist, separatist camp.

Graham lamented the appearance of an ad for a book by Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick which had appeared in that paper and he wrote the following: Rice, dated May 10,Dr. We have never been sponsored by the Council of Churches in any cities except Greensboro and Shreveport.

The papers gave Graham enormous coverage. Overnight he became a national figure, due to the large publicity which he received. Ten years later Graham himself describes this significant crusade and the doors of opportunity which it opened: It was just 10 years ago that my evangelistic work came to the attention of the church as the result of a Los Angeles crusade.

To me it was like a bolt of lightning out of a clear sky.43RD ANNUAL CONFERENCE FOR THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HELD. 43RD ANNUAL CONFERENCE FOR THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HELD Recently, more than seniors had the opportunity to network with representatives from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation.

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Reaction paper about church

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