Vo ip research problem analysis

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Vo ip research problem analysis

They have been facing some voice quality issues in the network and their vendor was unable to find solutions. With SIP Tester customer 51 assured that the satellite segment was working properly and demonstrated to vendor that the cause of the voice quality issues was be in vendor's side Huawei IP Phones, Voice Core: They aligned the teams and reviewed the procedures and best actions for a more effective analysis, diagnosis and troubleshooting.

SIP Tester was installed on multiple laptops and servers in both active and passive modes. For passive mode server with SIP Tester was connected to mirror port and collected performance of the live traffic. The customer was happy with quick support and releasing new versions to support their specific configurations.

Based on measurements of SIP Tester, also with help of wireshark, customer discovered that there was network latency due to the satellite link plus the queuing, serialization and processing. Additionally, received RTP traffic sometimes started around ms and up to 1.

Conclusion was to review the configuration of the central site equipment to improve the voice quality and the total delay. The worst SIP phones with high packet loss have been identified.

Customer addressed every site to mitigate this problem. Overall traffic RFC jitter was with average 25ms from the remote phone, all the way through the satellite to the central site. Cases with high jitter impacted by the worst sites.

The actions have been being taken to correct 31 sites wite the wrong codec and to correct some links with high packet loss. Additionally, packet loss was detected from the Huawei Core. Customer was pleased with realtime reports generated by SIP Tester: You must go step by step and take a lot of time to analyze and generate some statistical data.

SIP Tester was installed on 2 servers, connected via network switch. SIP Tester simulated concurrent G. They tried to simulate high call load with Freeswitch, but it crashed.

After some investigation with our help they discovered that packets were lost in NIC driver and in Windows 7 IP stack.

SIP Tester generated test calls every 30 minutes and sent alert emails in case of call failure. I've done load tests with it up to half a million calls. It helped flush out some bugs in the deployment we did, and really saved us. Since then, he's also added in the ability to match. Some possibility's that I haven't completed yet that are really enticing as well, is it can branch the script on DTMF tones, so I could play a simple message to a agent such as "is the call quality good, press 1 for yes, 2 for no" and have it kick off a email on a DTMF of 2, combine that with the ability to schedule a kick off of this, and I could practically have this run against a deployment every hour as a back-check of their environment.

I'm really very happy with the product. Seriously is a very good product. I really recommend that you check out the demo, and consider getting a copy. Sergey is also pretty responsive to any emails I've shot him, and is pretty easy to work with.

My biggest problem is finding the time to actually work on this stuff, and Sergey is never a hold back in that regard. SIP Tester is very intuitive and easy to use. I am impressed with how stable it is and the flexible CallXML functionality makes it possible for us to test a wide range of scenarios.

The support we have received from Sergey is outstanding. I always get prompt replies on my emails and it is a pleasure to receive help and support directly from the guy who really knows about the inner workings of the software. I give Sergey and the software my best recommendations.

In our case, we used it for testing the access of our Inbound Numbers and for emulating connection in our SIP Registrar. A portion of my job is to test and certify IP PBX systems that customers want to use with the company's network.

In other words, I set up the switch to communicate with a new PBX under test. It's a known good configuration. Second, we often need to simulate traffic to a SIP end point that responds with a certain message. For example, recently we needed to look at another provider's handling of a SIP Not Found message.

In the real world, a message is something you troubleshoot and avoid.If the problem remains, She is currently working in the Marketing Department helping with market research, SEO analysis/ tracking, email marketing and blogs. Connect with her on LinkedIn. Tweet this Article. IP Paging System Guide; Wireless VoIP Guide;.

Abstract— Voice over IP (VoIP) is the new standard technology for telephony, gradually replacing the old Public analysis, this research proposes three security techniques with least delay, that can be applied to VoIP systems deployed on the second part of the research problem, that is, which security.

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Vo ip research problem analysis
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