Write an expression for ksp for the dissolution of caco3 hcl

Which side has the reactants? List each of the reactants and products, and tell what the abbreviations in parentheses mean. The current atomic masses may be converted to another elemental basis by multiplying each atomic mass by a ratio of the new standard's ideal atomic mass to the new standard element's previous, carbonbased mass.

Write an expression for ksp for the dissolution of caco3 hcl

The accepted Ksp value for this substance is 7. This resulted in a When the solution contained some solids, it was known that it is saturated.

Since this solution was saturated it was implied that it was at equilibrium. Being at equilibrium the forward reaction had to equal the reverse reaction. This implied that the dissolving and crystallization reactions happened at an equal rate and simultaneously.

For these reactions to be equal, some precipitate would have been present, indicating the saturated solution was at equilibrium. It was necessary to remove all of the solid Ca OH 2 before titrating because the it would have affected the rate of reaction.

When the HCl was titrated with Ca OH 2, some of the solid would go down with the liquid because of a minuscule amount of filtering.

Since the solids were really concentrated, it would have many reactions with the HCl. Therefore, the amount of Ca OH 2 had to be only liquid, with no solid pieces going into the burette, which would have neutralized the acid too quickly.

Without a pure solution of Ca OH 2 the amount of the solution would change that was needed to titrate the HCl.

write an expression for ksp for the dissolution of caco3 hcl

The value of solution went up thus giving a different value then was first assumed for Ksp. The less that was filtered lead to a higher value for the Ksp then first thought. Another source of error would have been the measuring of the HCl not being exactly. The changing masses of HCl would change the results a fair amount since the values theorized in the prelab calculations was for.

The more HCl added the higher the Ksp, the less added the lower the Ksp values would have been.

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One way to minimize the errors in this lab would have been to maintain the temperature of the surroundings at SATP. A temperature of 25 Celsius would have guaranteed that the assumed Ksp value was the correct one that was assumed in the prelab calculation. This value would have given the most accurate results for theorizing other values.

Another thing that could have minimized the error would be having the exact same mass of HCl. Since values were theorized to be with exactly. This can be shown using the equation:A Write the balanced equilibrium equation for the dissolution reaction and construct a table showing the concentrations of the species produced in solution.

Insert the appropriate values into the solubility product expression and calculate the molar solubility at 25°C.

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a) Write a balanced equation for the dissolution of CaCO 3. b) Write an expression for Ksp for the dissolution of CaCO3. Solubility & Complex Ion Equilibria the equilibria that exist between ionic solids and their ions in solution, and factors that affect that equilibrium.

write an expression for ksp for the dissolution of caco3 hcl

write (heterogeneous) equilibrium equations & K expressions calculate and interpret K sp K the dissolution–precipitation equilibrium Ca 3(PO 4). We then write the solubility product expression for this reaction. K sp = [Ag + ][Br - ] = x 10 One equation can't be solved for two unknowns the Ag + and Br - .

CaCO3(s) ↔ Ca2+(aq) + CO(aq) Write the equilibrium expression for this dissolution. Solubility Equilibria CaCO3(s) ↔ Ca2+(aq) + CO(aq) K = [Ca2+(aq)][CO(aq)] = Ksp The equilibrium expression is called the solubility product (sp), because it only involves products of the concentrations of the dissolved species and not the solid.

Write out the Ksp and equilibrium expression for: PbCO 3 PbCO 3 the Ksp for barium sulfate, x , we find it to be larger than the Ksp so a precipitate will form.

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Chemical Properties Back to Equilibrium Menu The molar solubility of a substance is the number of moles that dissolve per liter of solution.
The Solubility Product While the concentrations used in this experiment are not large, acids and bases are both corrosive, and must always be treated with respect.

2. What is the solubility of silver chloride in a x M silver nitrate solution?

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